Changelog JoomLeague 0.91 (2007-09-14)

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Changelog JoomLeague 0.91 (2007-09-14)

Postby Robert » Sat Sep 15, 2007 6:17 pm


  • when installing joomleague update to new version now runs automatically
  • triple ranking view now can be switched off by template config
  • you can switch off joker text in email message for prediction report
  • ranking can now be ordered by various criteria
  • option to disable in template config
  • new project mode with divisions / conferences for e.g. u.s. sports
  • tipp ranking mode now is compatible with mambo
  • export/import of joomleague projects to/from xml files (.jlg)
  • Default players data added (height, weight and position is always used as proposal in playertool so you won't have to insert them each time you assign a player to another league), default picture will be displayed if no picture for the project os set
  • in player's list you find a list of all teams a player played
  • now a country now can be allocated to leagues
  • simple ko-tournament mode implemented (subpression of ranking, cross table and fibre curve view)
  • Thumb.class.php moved from administrator folder to frontend for those who have a htaccess protected admin
  • when creating a new project you now can create new league and / or season for this project in new project form too
  • you now can easily copy whole matchdays including matches for return leg (home
  • and guest- team are transposed)
  • when creating a new club you now can create a new team for this new club by marking a checkbox
  • emails of clubs now can be protected from spam (switchable in template config)
  • if there are teams which do not play @ a matchday they can be displayed below results
  • start time of matches now are independent from joomla serveroffset, joomleague offset only is used for time relevant features (like prediction game)
  • The match day now increases automatically again.
  • you can set an admin for prediction game who is allowed to change tipps after match has started
  • events stats now has a page navigation (# of players per page can be set in xml)
  • french language files included
  • teams as referee mode (referees are other team of database, refering calendar...)
  • optionaly show locations and referees in ranking tables, results and calendar plan
  • import template from an existing project when creating a new one.
  • winning percentage and gameback (US sports) in ranking table
  • divisions management in project, to manage nba type competition (conferences, divisions), champions league or world cup 1st phase (groups), etc...


  • IMPORTANT security update
  • code now produces less warnings and notices if error reporting is switched on
  • 'first-' and 'second-round' select is not shown no more if count of matchdays is odd

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