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My project

Postby lucarne » Fri Jun 12, 2009 12:18 am

Hi everybody,

Here is my joomla website called Lucarne Opposée and that tries to focus on football all around the world (with a special attention on competitions which are not relayed by French medias). Website is writen in French but any english speeker can come and participate. There is a forum and a prediction game for French Ligue 1 (there will be one for next WorldCup of course).

Here are some details :

Language: French (but you can give comments in english, post in english on the forum)
Sports: Football (soccer)
Joomla : 1.5.9
Joomleague 0.93

Joomla-Components : JoomlaComment 3.26, Community builder, Qcontact, Kunena, Acajoom, sh404sef, uddeim (all can be find here

Jooma-Modules : mod_easy_adsense, mod_jp_twitter_icon, mod_kunenalatest, mod_news_pro_gk1, mod_shoutbox, mod_simplemooticker

Joomla-Template: Template Snappa by Joomlajunkie modified by me.

Joomleague-Moduls: none (could not make mod_nextgame to work and did not work hard on making it to work as my joomleague "follows" 23 leagues)

If you have any comment/request/anything else ;)
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Lucarne Opposée, l'autre football
Joomla 1.5, Joomleague 0.93

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