JoomLeague 0.90 goes GPL

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JoomLeague 0.90 goes GPL

Postby Robert » Fri Sep 14, 2007 9:53 am

After weeks of waiting and testing, the time has come. Joomleague 0.90 has been released. Alongside a vast number of changes and improvements, I'd like to point out in particular the new license under which JoomLeague is published from now on. Like many other programs we will be using the GPL starting with version 0.90. With this decision we conform to the guidelines of We're hoping that this step also appeals to additional developers who are contemplating to support us.
But now to essence: The new JoomLeague version is available in the Download area. The modules got updated as well. Please keep in mind that older modules might not work with the current version any longer!

To avoid the troubles we had with the installation and updating of the previous release, here are some very important instructions...

Installation instructions and help

  1. Please read the attached readme_en.txt carefully!
  2. The installation of JoomLeague requires rather plenty of memory. You should have a minimum of 32MB RAM available on your webspace. If you don't, the installation might abort. A workaround for this "problem" can be found here.
  3. Upgrading to JoomLeague 0.90 is only possible from version 0.86a! If your are using any older version, an update to 0.86a is required first.
  4. After the upgrade you have to update your database. To do this, you'll find a menu item in the JoomLeague administration called "Updates". There you select the update from 0.86a to 0.90. Without the DB update JoomLeague will not work!
  5. Should you still encounter problems with the installation or operation of JommLeague 0.90, or should there be errors (which can never be ruled out), look into the forum and use the search function there.

OK, that should have been enough of "warning" and helpful information. Enjoy the new version! And always remember: JoomLeague is a strictly private project that cannot rule out errors nor provide 24/7 support.

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Re: JoomLeague 0.90 goes GPL

Postby gaetgodi » Sat Sep 15, 2007 9:41 pm

I am sorry, I do not understand (read or write) german but I am fluent in French and in English.

I have installed your League module and it installed fine. In the next little while I will be trying to establish a squash league locally and will try to use your software. I already have a squash league software written a couple of years ago and it has managed players and scoring well for a couple of seasons. I bring a bit of experience to the effort and hopefully will be able to feedback information and questions to you.

Looking forward to it...


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Re: JoomLeague 0.90 goes GPL

Postby gaetgodi » Sun Sep 16, 2007 2:50 am

Entered a league and a season and found it does not fit my needs at all... thanks anyways.

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