Custom module... based on ranking module

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Custom module... based on ranking module

Postby florencia » Wed Oct 12, 2011 8:00 pm

Hello all, we are using Joomleague 0.93b in our site since 2009, but there's something my husband is asking me since we installed it. Maybe someone can lend a hand.

We are from Argentina, and here there's something called "drop table" I dont know how to translate it, this table decides wich club goes down to a lower division, like River Plate did last season. The last two teams goes to B division.

This table is calculated from the points of the last three seasons and games played during the seasons.

I have it almost working, I'm not a programmer, so I did some hacks based on this post
I added 3 fields to my table
1st season points, 2nd season points, total games played by each team during the first 2 seasons ( the 3rd seasons is the current).

Then we calculate total points collected and total games played till last match:

TOTAL POINTS COLLECTED =1stseasonPoints+2ndseasonPoints+$team-sumpoints;

I can't get total games played, wich is the sum of $team->cnt_matches and totalGamesPlayed (newField).

I guess I can't access cnt_matches since current round inside Ranking->buildranking, also I don't know how to add it.

Then calculate the average:
Total points collected / Total Games played.

And last and most important sort the table by average, the higher goes first in the table.

I have a Link to the working part The table is on the bottom right of the site, It's called descenso.

And of course, this module and view would be really appreciated here, because it's very important in Argentina and maybe somewhere else.

Thank you guys!

:thx: anf forgive my grammar

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