Display Tip Ranking with groupid

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Display Tip Ranking with groupid

Postby andreaphillips » Fri May 14, 2010 5:35 pm

I made a mini hack to jomsocial to display joomleague results, mini cause all I did was display joomleague points and total predictions on the jomsocial profile, now, I did another one for the jomsocial groups where on each group I display a list of the top 10 points from that specific group, simple, Now the problem comes when I want to display the jomleague Tip Ranking page but only for the users on that group, the template is getting the groupid=xx from the url but now I need to create a function or a class or what? and where? I have the sql that works and all I just don´t know where to put it! PLEEEASE help!



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