Changing time

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Changing time

Postby just_buck » Tue Apr 20, 2010 3:52 pm

Joomla Version:1.5.9
JoomLeague Version:.93

Feeling like MORON here....  I can't seem to locate where to change my time settings.
Sorry if this is a repeat post, but I've searched the forums for about two hours now and I've found answers to everything but this....

I know that when I setup my matches, I need to do it in "military" time.
But I need the results page (by division that is) to show a standard style time eg.  3:30pm instead of 15:30

I see in the General Template for adding / changing the time (currently lists %H:%M)
When I go in and try any changes like %g:%i %A - I get all kinds of weird stuff....

UPDATE for anyone else looking for the solution......
I placed %I:%M%P in the General Template.....
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