Problems in that I found someone help?

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Problems in that I found someone help?

Postby den1ska_07 » Wed Feb 15, 2017 9:17 pm

Hi friends, I know bad English so the translator will translate and can that that will not be immediately clear.
Here is a list of some of the problems that have managed to identify me. That's not all, because they do not always climb to the fullest.

1. MOD_JOOMLEAGUE_MATCHES module is not working Ajax navigation, when the module produces an error, turn off all works.

2. Create a tournament mode of 8 groups, I wanted to make the Champions League. As it turned out the tree does not work and had to make a rounds matches. So in the same MOD_JOOMLEAGUE_MATCHES if the item display name of the tour and do it with a link. When you click on it gives the tour but for some reason chooses group A at just needs to show the calendar of this tour is not dependent on the group. Separately offers this tour as normal from the module produces errors fall out.


3. The matches are added to the tournament mode as the playoffs by adding the results also return errors in groups.

4. The date of foundation of the club set but while maintaining almost always disappears. I tried through a database set but also when editing the club field is empty and the restriction of 1900 and I need to make the clubs whose creation in 1870 and below, can be such as to increase the limit?

5. In the selection of the country club in England is not selected flag. the picture itself in the database is, the country has a flag that is why not put the team, just empty space. temporarily select the United Kingdom.
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