Hockey Friendly display of events please

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Hockey Friendly display of events please

Postby toddybob » Mon Nov 18, 2013 2:52 am

This is posted in another forum as well but I figured that I would post here as well:

I run a hockey league and the events system (and showing of resulting events) is clunky. At least the way that I have it setup.

Is there anyway add an additional field to the Events being recorded so that we could record which period of play an event occurs within?? Currently we use the "Match Notice" to notate what period an event transpired but that is simply a text field and the display method on a game-report is not setup to order them by that text field.

Hockey events are recorded by TIME in each period ( 2:33 in Period 1 or 2:33 period 3) - NOT an overall total game time countdown. So the current method of displaying those events on a game-report does not sort them properly.

Is there anyway to correct this so that the entering and displaying of events is more friendly for Hockey?
Did I miss a setting somewhere that allows for this and I just missed it?


Should Look something like this:

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