Form for a matchday

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Form for a matchday

Postby Private6 » Tue Jun 25, 2013 3:49 pm


Is it possible to make something that allows users (that may or may not have subscribed to the website) to fill in the match data.

For example: Barca Vs Real
Owner Barca: Tom
Owner Real: Andy

It would be nice that if Andy logged in he could fill in the info of the match he played.
Actually the same thing that de admin/moderator does in the backend.

Sorry that this is in Dutch, but that's what I want to achieve for the users.

For example he can fill in a form like underneath:
Players that played in the team:
Goal scorers (multiple fields for when they scored more goals):
Cards (multiple fields):

I love this module, it's 99% perfect but I just miss that one plug in.
Because it would be great to just have the chance to accept or refuse what the users filled in about the match.

Thanks in advance!

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