cant assign match to node in tournament tree

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cant assign match to node in tournament tree

Postby prometeusx » Wed Jun 24, 2015 1:42 am

Hi Guys I hope anyone can help me, I have a project, set it to tournament, create the matchdays with the matches.
Then I go to tree, generate, then test show, then save leaf, everything ok so far.
I assing the teams to each node, then I click in save/apply, so, in this next step I should be able to assign a match to the nodes so bassed in the results of the matches the tree generates the next step, and so on right?
I go to assign matches, assign the match selecting the match, assign it using the arrow ponting to the right, and click save, so far so good.
But if I try to view the matches assigned to that node, its empty, also if I clic again in assing match, its also empty as if I did nothig, therefore, if I update the results of the match I supposedly asigned to that node, nothing happens, the tree isnt updated.
And it keeps showing like in the screenshot attached, so I need to update the winning teams manually in the tree.

Am I doing anything wrong?

thanks in advance
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Re: cant assign match to node in tournament tree

Postby Bluefox » Tue Jul 21, 2015 6:39 pm

Think you're doing it right,

Maybe a JL developer can answer this one better but did take a peak and it seems that there is an error in the code and doing so there are problems to save things correctly.
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