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Postby baccioli » Wed May 14, 2014 7:33 am

Hi all.
I have a little question, but not the same i read in forum.
I created permission formed by a new access level called "special jl" and two groups; one for modifying persons and the other for the results.
When I try to make the third, JL kick me out when i try to set permissions for all three groups, sending me to the control panel of joomla.
When i delete one of them, all works again.
May be i can do only 2 groups?

I see another thing...
I don't want that the person group is be able to publish/unpublish persons, but the settings only hide the menu button;there are another two places i can choose that.
One is the little button in the right of the list of persons, and the second is a choice in the person's details.
I can publish/unpublish anyway....
JL version v2.90.214.aa44cf3

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