Problem: New Season and New Equipment

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Problem: New Season and New Equipment

Postby Exerion » Sat Jul 09, 2011 6:20 pm

well I have my site: business is a championship football 7 and starts the new season and new teams are added (all good for now)

created the first days and something happens in the module curious new day As you can see are the crosses and the hours, but there are several teams (mostly new) q does not show me his shirt and when I show picture I get images with the following link: ... todos2.png

But that image if it should go to this link: ... todos2.png

as summer is omitted: /Liga-Futbol8/ and do not know why .... and q is even stranger in the teams classification table if they show either their shirts ..

q any idea what might be happening??

sorry for my bad english

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