[SOLVED] Prediction Game HELP PLEASE !!!!!!

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[SOLVED] Prediction Game HELP PLEASE !!!!!!

Postby zut » Tue Mar 29, 2011 9:17 am

I'm running JL 0.93b on J 1.5.22 legacy.

I'm going nuts, took me some time to get most of the Joomleague modules and comps to work right on THIS SITE, and after 8 months from first launch i can say that i'm pretty satisfied. Now i was trying to get the Prediction Game working too, i'm interested in the Toto game, but something strange happens....

Besides the fact that i would like to change betting options from 1 - 0 - 2 to 1 - X - 2 (but i think i saw a solution to that somewhere on the forum), on my site registered users can regularly input their bets in toto mode, but after the match day has ended the tip machine doesn't add up the correct points, SEE MY EXAMPLE.

Can someone please help me out? I'm sure that it's only up to a few lines of code changing, but can't get myself through it...

Thx again, good work guys !

Incredible but true, found the solution HERE.
Prediction Game toto mode, for a correct summing of the points, in the backend where you assign the number of points for each tip, insert 1 point also for the mistaken tipps... i know, i makes no sense, but it works.

close post thx

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