how do you add a venue to a match?

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how do you add a venue to a match?

Postby zoggy66 » Wed Sep 08, 2010 6:03 am

Hi, thanks for this program, I love it, just one small problem I have.
Mine is for a basketball competition, all games are played at the same venue, but there are three different courts.

So when I enter match details, is there a way to put the venue as well?
When teams look at the schedule they need to know which court they have to go to.

We use
Michael Wenden Centre Court 1
Michael Wenden Centre Court 2
Miller High School Hall

I cant see anywhere to display this.

thanks very much

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Re: how do you add a venue to a match?

Postby vessy » Fri Mar 04, 2011 7:01 am

1. At first you have to add these 3 different courts in the General Data of your Joomleague – Venues, clicking on the button “NEW”
2. When adding games in the Match Days Section, click on the left on the “edit details” button and than select the court where teams should go. (see below)

3. After that you should make this venue visible to your teams on the Frontend, adjusting templates of your project.

- First go to Templates section of the project and select “Frontpage” and in the options set “Show venues” to Yes
- Second template is “Match Schedule” – set “Show venues” to Yes, and choose which name of the court will be used (Full name or Short name)
- In “Results” template you have to do the same if you want the venue to be visible in the Result page.

Hope this will help.
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