Front End Edit Team Info & Front End Edit Team Roster

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Front End Edit Team Info & Front End Edit Team Roster

Postby tibi » Tue Feb 18, 2014 3:18 pm

I've found this thread in the old tracker by master programmer TIMOLINE!

As you can see there, Timo says; "In the frontend , you are able to edit results (roster-match details etc...), playerinfo, clubinfo, according to the permissions you have given"

Can anybody state how this permisions should be set to acheive: "team admin or team captain to be able to edit just his own team in front end like add players , pictures etc" ?


Team admin should be able to do all this things IN HIS OWN TEAM ONLY and in the front end. He has to be TEAM admin (not TEAMS, but his own team nor project admin. Only adminsiter all of his team issues and nothing else.

next topic: "Player issue", how can someone register in the joomla joomleague site as a PERSON and become able to admin his profile?

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