What is the "sets" setting ??

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What is the "sets" setting ??

Postby toddybob » Sat Jan 11, 2014 6:15 pm

I've been using Joomleague for almost a year now to administrate a hockey league. Though I have had some minor frustrations with how things are displayed (events timeline NOT being broken down/separated by period when being displayed) nor is there anywhere to actually enter what period an event occurred in, I have been very satisified with the product.

However one question that has always eluded me..........what is the "SETS" setting for. I really don't see it displayed anywhere in the front end, there are almost no options (except in the rankings view) that even mention sets that I have found.

How does using/not using the "SETS" setting affect the project and what does it do?

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