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Standard Events

Posted: Sun Aug 28, 2011 12:17 pm
by And_One
I would like to ask our community which standard events we should add to the core for which sports-type and which icon should be used for it. My goal is it to find the most common used events for every used sports-type with joomleague so that we can ship a good set of events.

pls add all events, icons here as list so that we can compare it with our current set of shipped events.

like e.g format: sports-type, lang string, translation, path to existing icon, example picture

Soccer, JL_E_GOAL, Goal (en-EN), media/com_joomleague/event_icons/goal.png, Image (21x21px, .png, background transparent)

Re: Standard Events

Posted: Sun Aug 28, 2011 6:06 pm
by Hakan1903
Soccer, JL_E_GOAL, Goal (en-EN), media/com_joomleague/event_icons/goal.png, Image

Soccer, JL_E_YELLOW_CARD, Yellow Card (en-EN), media/com_joomleague/event_icons/yellow_card.gif, Image

Soccer, JL_E_YELLOW-RED_CARD, Yellow-Red Card (en-EN), media/com_joomleague/event_icons/yellow_red_card.gif, Image

Soccer, JL_E_RED_CARD, Red Card (en-EN), media/com_joomleague/event_icons/red_card.gif, Image

Soccer, JL_E_ASSISTS, Assists (en-EN), media/com_joomleague/event_icons/assists.gif, Image

Soccer, JL_E_FOULTIME, Foultime (en-EN), media/com_joomleague/event_icons/foul_time.png, Image

Re: Standard Events for Volleyball

Posted: Thu May 03, 2012 11:10 am
by teddy
Do you mean events to be shown on matchreport?
These are related to volleyball players

Volleyball, JL_E_POINT, Point (en-EN), media/com_joomleague/event_icons/ball4.png,

Volleyball, JL_E_ERRORS, Errors (en-EN), media/com_joomleague/event_icons/... (there's no icon suitable for volleyball errors, maybe colouring the ball in red?)

Volleyball, JL_E_YELLOW_CARD, Penalty (en-EN), media/com_joomleague/event_icons/yellow_card.gif,

Volleyball, JL_E_YELLOW-RED_CARD, Disqualification (en-EN), media/com_joomleague/event_icons/yellow_red_card.gif,

Volleyball, JL_E_RED_CARD, Expulsion (en-EN), media/com_joomleague/event_icons/red_card.gif,

Volleyball, JL_E_SUBST_IN, Substitution in (en-EN), media/com_joomleague/event_icons/in.gif,

Volleyball, JL_E_SUBST_OUT, Substitution out (en-EN), media/com_joomleague/event_icons/out.gif,

Then there should be match events, don't know if you are going to use them

Volleyball, JL_E_SETS, Set (en-EN), media/com_joomleague/event_icons/... (there's no icon suitable for volleyball sets, what can I do? find one by myself?)

Volleyball, JL_E_TIME_OUTS, Time-outs (en-EN), media/com_joomleague/event_icons/playtime.gif,

Volleyball, JL_E_SUBSTS, Substitutions (en-EN), media/com_joomleague/event_icons/subst.png,

Please tell me what you think about them.

For further reference: ... .2.1.1.pdf

Re: Standard Events

Posted: Thu Sep 27, 2012 4:57 pm
by And_One
thx, but i assume there are more sports-type out there, noone else ?