Need Help on SQL

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Need Help on SQL

Postby Trubadix » Mon Apr 11, 2011 3:16 pm

I try to produce a output with MySQL(MySQL Workbench)

Code: Select all

select  AVG(event_sum) AS schnitt,
        SUM(event_sum) AS total,
        event_type_id, match_id, me.project_id, player_id, me.team_id, p.lastname,
        p.firstname, t.middle_name, dv.shortname AS liga
FROM db601052.k23000_joomleague_match_events AS me
INNER JOIN k23000_joomleague_team_player AS tp ON tp.person_id = me.player_id
INNER JOIN k23000_joomleague_persons AS p ON = me.player_id
INNER JOIN k23000_joomleague_project_team AS pt ON pt.project_id = me.project_id
INNER JOIN k23000_joomleague_teams AS t ON = me.team_id
INNER JOIN k23000_joomleague_divisions AS dv ON dv.project_id = me.project_id AND = '23001'
WHERE   me.event_type_id = '9'    AND
        me.project_id = '22'      AND = '23001'

all tables has got the requested data but result is 0 records are selecteted, tested statement by statement but all together get a zero result, so it must be a bug in my coding!? But where?
I need help, where I'm producing bullshit, please :help:
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